Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dating Without A Purpose.

By no means and I a relationship expert, but with my experience and knowledge along with the advice and experience from my girls, I think together we have some valuable information. The year now is 2010 and there should be no reason you should date without a purpose especially if you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life and to build a family with. Often times we just settle for the first person that ask us out but we never really think about what he/she really has to offer besides a free dinner and conversation.

My advice is to create your Top 5. Your Top 5 is a list of things that you want in a person that you would not budge on. For example…. He/She has to be African American, has to be educated, have a good job and must like children. These might be a few things that is on your list. So if you meet a guy/gal today and you think they are cute go after them! A closed mouth doesn’t get feed but within the first 5-10 minutes of the conversation you should ask these questions.

Once this is done you need to evaluate the situations. You find the person attractive, they have a good job and are very well educated BUT they don’t like kids. Please do not continue this conversation and if you do….. don’t take it further than that. There is no need to exchange numbers because clearly they are not what you are looking for. You will come out the loser

It is obvious that you two are on two different pages. Keep in mind if they are telling you that they don’t want children now and don’t see any in their future but this is something that you want in your future. You are wasting your time and therefore dating without a purpose.

My point is, If you take the time out and make a realistic list you will be on the right path trying to find your perfect match. Happy Dating!

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  1. my top 5:

    Into the arts (Music, art, dance...something)
    Well Spoken
    Have goals of their own

    I found my perfect match and he has all of my top 5.