Monday, October 25, 2010

What do you have to offer?

Since I have been out the dating world for so long I forgot that there are rules and steps to be successful in the dating world. To me a relationship is like cooking a good dish. You need different ingredients, time and patience to make your perfect dish perfect. If you still don’t understand what I mean? Let me break it down. First you need to know what it is that you are cooking.

In other words what are you looking for in a person/mate? Let’s say we are baking a cake. You already know that you need milk, eggs, flour and butter. This can be related to what attributes you want this person to have. Do you want them to be charming, funny, shy, sensitive, honest and my number one favorite supportive?  These are things that you want them to bringing to the table. Your next question should be what do I have to offer? If he/she has the milk can I bring the eggs and flour?

Once all of the ingredients are mixed together it’s time to place the batter in the oven where the magic happens.  Over time and with the help of the of the heat (this is your attraction to the other person) your cake will begins to rise, once done you have a beautiful and delicious product. And this is where your time and patience plays a huge part. In order for something to work you have to take the appropriate steps and times in making it happens. If something is missing, your cake will not rise and it will not be good. 

Therefore once you find someone that peaks your interest take the steps to get to know them and build from there. This is something to think about the next time you are looking at potential people to be your mate.


  1. I would say im the flour im the most important part of the rlationship and without me there is

  2. This is really good. You both need to put in something in order for anything to work. Great post!