Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looking for love in all the wrong places

I can’t even count on one hand how many times I’ve heard “Why can’t I find a good man/woman” or “why do I keep attracting the same kind of person?” The answer is simple…. Are you ready for it? Brace yourself…. It’s because you are looking for this person and when you seek you shall find.

Have you ever heard the saying “A good man/woman is hard to find?” this is because you DON’T FIND THEM THEY FIND YOU! The best things in life are worth waiting for. When we go out and date the reason why we keep attracting the same kind of person, which is usually not right for us is because we are settling for the first thing that makes us comfortable. I can see your face now. Yes you do settled, you settle for what is familiar to you. If you like your partner to have a lot of money to spend on you, then there is a price to pay.

You usually have to give them sex (Which comes with time anyway, and it’s a bonus if its good), be disrespected (Which often comes later when he/she is comfortable with you and know your ways) and you guys don’t spend enough time together because he/she has to get that paper. But you settle because this is something that you are already used to.

Therefore you are willing to deal with the problem. The first thing that usually comes to mind is “Oh he/she is just like ______________ oh well I dealt with this before I am just going to ride it until the wheels fall off. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that this is true all of the time but most of the time it is.

You have to take time out for yourself. You need to think about what you really want in a mate. If you have your TOP 5 list and if you keep in mind that you should not DATE WITHOUT A PURPOSE maybe….. Just maybe you will be one step closer in finding a mate that is right for you. Step out of your box and explore the world. (Not literally but open your dating options) “You never know” is what my daddy always says! The right person for you might be the person that YOU never thought would be right for you…..

Live a little….Happy exploring!

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