Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why is your life on Repeat?

I can’t even count one hand how many people ask me why can’t they be loved right , why do they meet the same type/kind of person or why all my relationships end the time. No matter how much advice I give, it seems like the situations always ends the same way. I could never for the life of me understand why people ask you for your opinion and when you give it, it goes in one end and comes out the other.

I am slowly learning that everyone cannot handle or just don’t care for your advice. So this is the last time I am going to tell you my opinion about this situation. You have said that you are at a point in your life, where everything is working well and you are happy. You love yourself and you refuse to let anyone come and disturb your happiness but you will like to share your time with someone else.

When you meet people for some reason they always have issues. Instead of realizing that this is not what you need in your life YOU feel like you can help them with the problem which therefore brings drama in your life. It’s obvious that what this person is bring to the table you do not want to eat because you are going to have a hard time digesting the food. You refuse to see the signs and think that you have some magic to make everything different. This is incorrect.  Please take the time out to get to know this person and look at all the signs they are giving to you. If you guys have been talking for two weeks, there is no reason why he/she should be looking at your phone and regulating who should and should not be calling you. This is a sign.

If he or she is calling constantly asking where you are and have no intentions on seeing you but they need to know where you are at all times…. This is a sign that they are controlling and have insecurities.
Take a second and review all the things that you want and don’t want in your life. If you see these signs no matter how much you like this person talk about them and then decide from there if this is a relationship that you will like to continue. 

Good Luck!

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  1. I say people who complain about not being loved right are asking to be treated like shit. Instead of complaining about just shut the F*#k up and make it right. Dont settle for people who don't value you as a person. That goes for friends as well as lovers. Why would you want someone around you who all they do is bring you down? That is bad for your health, your sanity and for your future. Those who ask for your advice and don't take it, tell them, "Look, don't ask for my advice and don't take it. If you don't like the things i have to say don't ask me for my advice and them let it go in one ear and out the other."

    Dont even get me started on the controlling issue. That guy i dated in FL was like that. When I was in college he was convinced that every time i went out and drank or did whatever with my friends that i was going out and flirting and in turn hooking up with all sorts of people so he wanted me to call him from my room at midnight on Fridays and Saturday nights because he thought that would keep me from doing whatever i wanted to do. i wasn't hooking up with anyone but I was being a college student and having fun, if thats a crime, then send me to jail. There were lots of controlling things this dude tried to do to me but i took it for so long and when i finally stood up to him and called him out on his stupidity he was surprised and unhappy about it and in fact he called me a crazy cunt and I left and began to make the 10 mile trek to the airport. he eventually came looking for me so i wasn't walking around at 2 in the morning. I needed out. You need to tell these people who are bringing you down that they need to back off you got your own life to live and you only get one chance. Unlike cats, we do not get 9 lives :-)