Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don’t open up to fast!

Women are very talkative and we try so hard to impress the person of the opposite sex. Especially on a date, we want to tell this man everything we have done in our lives and even fabricate a few things thinking it will help us earn more brownie points. 

Often times we don't realize that we are actually boring him and helping him lose interest faster. What ends up happening is that we tell him everything about ourselves on the first date that by the time the second date comes around (If there is a second date) he already know what he needs to know about you.... why? because you already told him. No one wants to go on a date where the person is talking non stop and wont allow you to get a word in. 

Also no one wants a date that is filled with silence. IF this should ever happen to you, and you still want to spend time with him the best place for you guys to go is to the movies. That way after the movie you can have something to talk about. Hints..... eliminating the dead air. The worst thing that could happen is that you have talked so much about yourself that he really doesn't care to share anything about his self with you. 

Never bring up pass relationships on your date: Think about it do you really want to know how much he loved his ex and all the things that she did wrong in their relationship. I don’t and neither does he. So that is a topic that should not come up….. Especially on the first date. If he happen to ask you “So what happened in your last relationship?”… It is best to just keep it short and simple. You should just say: Things didn’t work with us. We both were on different path and heading in different directions!” end of that topic…. NEXT

"Too many women tell intimate details of their lives way too soon. This is not only unwise, but also it doesn't work. No man wants to be the recipient of a therapy session upon first meeting you. No man wants to hear how wrong or messed up your life has been before he really loves you." ~ Taken from the "Rules"  

After the first date a man should only know the facts: your name, your profession, how many siblings you have, where you went to college, where you grew up and your favorite restaurant. I would even go as far as what type of movies you like.  I can hear your thoughts going a mile a minute trying to figure out how can your date be filled with only this information. 

This can help determine the things you have in common as well offer you a lot of room to explore his mind. Guess what... you two might have went to the same college. This way you guys can discuss what you liked and didn't like about that particular school. 

Remember the person who talks too much has the most to lose! I am not saying that you shouldn't talk... I am just saying don't talk to much.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playing hard to get often pays off

So I am reading this book about dating and relationships and I must tell you that I walk around with it like it is my bible. Some of the “Rules” inside this book I agree with and the other things that I don’t agree with.  Someone once asked me if I were dating especially in this economy right now, what do I think is a good amount of time to go out on a date and see this person. I told her that he would have to see me 4 times a month.

I can see your face now…. You may be thinking that is not enough time to see someone that you are interested in and the other half think that this is the perfect amount of time. Think about it. There is 4 week in a month therefore if you see each other once a week then that equals 4 times a month correct? Out of those 4 outing 2 of those meeting should be a date and the other two times we could just hang out like go for a walk in the park or if your comfortable enough.. hang out at the person house. Just do something that doesn't cost a lot of money.  

Please keep in mind that this is a new phase and the status of your relationship has yet to gain a title. Now the book says that when you are dating someone in the first month you shouldn't see them more than once a week, the second month you shouldn't see him twice a week and so on. You pretty much get the picture.

I happen to agree with this 100% because it supports my theory. It’s amazing how this book was written in 1995 but yet the "Rules" apply in 2010. For a minute I thought I was the smartest person in the world having already known the "Rules" before I even knew it was a "Rule". I guess you are wondering why limit yourself from getting to know someone when you are really interested in them? Well the answer is simple: Keep him from getting too much too soon. Don’t make seeing you so easy, Men like a challenge so they harder they have to work for you the better it will be… At least you will know that he is really interested in you.

Keep in mind: Most men fall in love faster than women; they also fall out of love faster!