Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confession Thursday (Week 3)

Its that time again to let your feeling and thoughts flow free......  Go ahead and share.
Often times we keep things bottled up or we share information with a limited amount of friends. What do you with the information that you don't tell anyone because of the fear of being judge? Do you need a place to vent? An outlet where you can just express yourself openly and freely? If so... then I will like to welcome you to "Confession Thursday". Where the sky is the limit!!! Write about your most inner thoughts releasing any frustrations with topics covering love, money, sex, marriage or relationships... just write... The best part about it is that you can write anonymously.

If you are asking for my advice or if you have any questions that you need answers to, make sure you signed your post with a catchy name like "Lost in love", "horny at heart", or "He is just not cutting it" and I will reply back on "Reply Monday" to give you a fresh outlook on the week.

GO AHEAD CONFESSION what is in your heart, mind and soul.....
~Happy Posting! 

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  1. I am sooo sick of being in a fake relationship. If a man scored a second chance with me but chooses to cheat twice and only get right after he realizes Im relly leaving his ass, is it really worth it or will I forever have to keep my suitcases by the door to keep him in reality?? The cold part is after he cheated the first time I decided to cheat. I did it once and felt horrible. So since he cheated twice and I only cheated on him after he did it to me should i confess this to him? or am I just a hypocrite? Or maybe this ish is to fuxed up to fix. Either way, I enjoyed confessing! Sincerely DymeDiva