Thursday, March 10, 2011

Confession Thursday

Often times we keep things bottled up or we share information with a limited amount of friends. What do you with the information that you don't tell anyone because of the fear of being judge? Do you need a place to vent? An outlet where you can just express yourself openly and freely? If so... then I will like to welcome you to "Confession Thursday". Where the sky is the limit!!! Write about your most inner thoughts releasing any frustrations with topics covering love, money, sex, marriage or relationships... just write... The best part about it is that you can write anonymously.

If you are asking for my advice or if you have any questions that you need answers to, make sure you signed your post with a catchy name like "Lost in love", "horny at heart", or "He is just not cutting it" and I will reply back on "Reply Monday" to give you a fresh outlook on the week.

GO AHEAD CONFESSION what is in your heart, mind and soul.....
~Happy Posting!


  1. Hey Passion Foreva,
    Thank you for giving me an outlet to express what is on my mind. Lately I feel that my life is not where I want it or rather need it to be. From the outside looking in you would think that my life is perfect when in all reality it has already been broken into pieces.

    I have been in a relationship for the last 4 years and I feel that the love I have for "him" now is no where it use to be. I often ask myself if I stay around longer, will the love I had for him come back? I am so confused. I don't want to hurt him but I don't want to stay in a loveless relationship either. What would you do?

  2. Hey well I've been married going on six yrs and I love my husband but not in love with him and the man I love I can't have because I'm married and he is in a relastionship and I don't want to cheat but I don't know if I should just end this marriage or work it out

  3. Passion Foreva,

    Why is it that a guy is all romantic to you for the first 2 years of a relationship and then starts to teeter off the love as the years go by. When I ask what's up his response is "I know you are long term so I'm gonna take care of all this trivial stuff and get with you later". When we first met it was breakfast in bed, sneaking home from work for a quickie, going out to dinners occasionally, cuddling on the couch watching movies all the good stuff. What's up with the honeymoon phase BS!!!! I am so in love with this person its not even funny and he says he loves me too and shows it sometimes just not as often as when we first met.

    ~Where's the love?


  4. Hey is it crazy to stay with or still have love for a person who cheats not once but twice and with the same person. I love him but I don't know if I'll ever trust him again and with trust how do u move on. Does that mean he really wants the other chick I mean he did go back to her twice. We live together and we're miles away but that don't mean he won't cheat again. Do people really get cheating out there system or is it true once a cheater always a cheater

  5. Today is the day that i've decided that I need a change. A change that would make me a better person in the long run. I have been juggling two relationships for the past 7 months. One gives me what I want (Passion, ruff sex, excitement. He is willing to do anything that I ask of him without thinking twice. He is very supportive but not really expressive. He is the person that I love to be around especially when I want to live for the moment).

    The other one give me what i need. He keeps me grounded and focused on the future, stability and how to cope with what is happening now. He gives me unconditional love. Although he is not as supportive and expressive as I will like him to be, He is the one person that i can depend on when times get ruff. He has my back.

    Boyfriend number 2 has me thinking alot lately. I need him to be more expressive. I mean come on, the reason we cheat is not to get the same thing that we have at home but to get something different. He was different in the beginning but now he seems to be just like what i already have. That is why I have been questioning my self. What is really the point?

    Am i wrong to want more? Is it wrong for me to want my cake and eat it too? Am i asking for to much? I want to be happy. At one point i had the best of both worlds now it seems like both worlds are becoming one.
    Life isn't fair!

  6. I always wondered what it would be like if I had chosen to be with this special person. Instead I let them go & they went on to live a wonderful life. My secret crush is now married with a beautiful child. I'm very proud of them and all they have become. I just always think what if now.

    I remember on a few occasions we shared kisses and even had an intimate moment. I felt myself falling in love. I shied away from the thought because I was young & wanted to do the single life/enjoy it while I'm young thing. Now here I am more grown and wise now. And all I think of is what if.

    I really enjoyed your smile secret crush. I didn't care if it was corny jokes or tickling your feet. I always enjoyed making you smile. I know one day I might be as happy as I wanna be. And even if it isn't with you. I cherish what we had. There is something in my heart that always wondered if you think what if as well. I guess I'll have to make space in my heart for that answer. Along with all the other feelings I have for you.

  7. Hate to break it to you but if your boyfriend cheats with the same person more than once that is a relationship. You have to decide whether you want to share him or let him go...

  8. @ the last poster.... this is not a place for judgement. People are coming here to release their inner thoughts. I want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with expressing there selves.So Please keep your negative comments to your self.... Thank u. smooches!!!!

  9. Sorry ... no judgement its just an opinion. I am calling it like I see it, plus they asked if they were crazy...